Internal Habitats

I’ve been meeting with an art therapist…  I’ve spoken of my fears around change and unprecedented grief.  This grief has not yet fallen, but it is inevitable.  Intellectually, I am well in tune with the cycle of life… yet emotionally and spiritually, I am tethered to a deep, sometimes debilitating sadness.  I don’t want to fear so much that I miss what I have.  I want to learn to embrace the moment fully… more often… because there is nothing else.

My assignment is to create, using any media, a different internal habitat that frees me from the prison of my thinking.

For starters, I unleashed my internal arsonist and began to turn my prison into ashes.  The ashes… or thoughts… will still exist, but I will no longer be imprisoned by their solid, impenetrable form.


Now, the fire follows me, but I am safe until the glacier melts away the haven I have created.  There is beauty here, my harlequin sense of humor… although I am limited by the form of the glacier.  There will be a time when I must move…



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