Edges surround me.  I find a smooth place to sit along the crag, breathing in and out to a rhythm… a moment from the void.  Stepping forward, I am suspended by truth, acceptance.  Somehow afraid and fearless.

I live on the edge of salt and sand… unearthed, I am the crab… amphibious, nomadic, sustaining my life by crossing these edges.  Taking risk is built-in.

I’ve dug graves to build mountains — been in impenetrable darkness.  Always, and not alone, I’ve surfaced.  Adjusting to the light, I have found balance in hope… always a glimmer, even if subconscious.

I am no longer served by the abyss, the chaos, that which distracts from my real truth.  As I embrace simply being… I swim toward myself, brilliantly smiling, foreshortened in aqua blue, Scottish green and gold.



Header picture:  Varuna, Vedic god of water & the celestial ocean



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